Educational travel/company training. Nara SDGs Learning Tour

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Educational travel/company training

Educational travel/company training


Educational travel

SDG learning is added to learning of the history of Nara for educational travel for elementary to high school students

Up to 800,000 people visit Nara each year on educational travel. The purpose of these trips has mostly been to learn about history by visiting Todai-ji Temple and Nara Park.
The new national curriculum guidelines gradually adopted since 2020 clearly state the need to cultivate creators of a sustainable society.
For the Nara SDG Learning Tour, we have developed programs that enable students who visit Nara to experientially learn about SDGs, in addition to history. A guidebook (with worksheets) is offered for "cultivating creators of a sustainable society" at schools, and it can be used for preliminary study as well as to help students review their hometowns from the perspective of SDGs after their trip.

Educational travel pamphlet (download)

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Company training

For company training on SDGs or as an adult trip to discover new charms of Nara

SDGs are also an important subject for companies. They are deeply related not only to the development of new products and services but also to the manner in which companies operate and interact with society.
The Nara SDG Learning Tour can also be used as training for employees of such companies.
How has Nara sustained itself throughout its 1,300 years of history?
The city offers many hints about how to create a sustainable society.
In addition, even those who have visited Nara many times may be able to discover new charms of Nara through the experience of being guided from the perspective of SDGs.

Company training pamphlet (download)

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